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Classic Construction and Remodel in business since 1998

"From an early age, I have been inspired by historic architecture.  I began my business by renovating 100+ year old homes.

 It was extremely important to me to maintain the historic appeal and accuracy of each home.  

Customers began to ask me if it would be possible to build a custom home that had the historic appeal of the homes I had been renovating.

Because of the continuous interest in the Historic feel of a home, we began building custom homes that were historically accurate with modern amenities.  

Paying close attention to detail, the next phase of Classic Construction and Remodel had begun.

I have built nearly 250 custom homes in my career, many of which are historic reproduction style homes.  We have also completed a countless number of restorations and remodels.  

Several years ago, I decided to expand my business by opening a custom built cabinet shop. We continue to turn out custom built cabinetry and furniture pieces nonstop.

Whether you are in need of a custom built home, addition, any size remodel, or custom cabinetry, Classic Construction and Remodel is ready to meet the challenge."

Tim Seymour, Owner

Classic Construction and Remodel have expertise in the following:

  • Addition to Existing Structure- Build

  • Bathroom and Kitchen Remodel

  • Roofing Repair and Install

  • New Custom Built Homes

  • Cabinetry 

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